Ajmal Musk Rose Concentrated Perfume Oil Floral Musky Alcohol-free Attar 12ml for Unisex and Maryaj Lilas Eau De Parfum Citrus Floral Perfume 100ml for Women + 2 Parfum Testers FREE

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MUSKROSE CP: A modern oriental blend crafted to reflect musk and rose, this is a fragrance crafted for individuals looking for traditional yet modern fragrances. The scent unveils with a top note comprised of rose, entwined with Spicy floral heart notes and ending harmoniously with enticing floral and warm musky notes settled at the base. MARYAJ LILAS EDP: A unique fragrance that aims to attract young women looking to make a statement. Grapefruit and pink pepper combine to form a citrus spicy top note enriched with the sweetness of vanilla and rose at the heart. A woody base note comprised of patchouli and vetiver add to the the allure of this sweet surrender.

Package Content – 1 Ajmal Musk Rose Concentrated Perfume Oil (Non-Alcoholic Attars)of 12ML and 1 Maryaj Lilas Eau De Parfum of 100ML.
Musk Rose – The fragrance of musk and rose collective enhances your mood. A perfect choice of attar for traditional occasion and urban lifestyle. Longevity of the perfume oil boosts your confidence.
Musk Rose – A glass stick is provided with the attar bottle makes it easy to apply. Every note of this fragrance has the floral essence. Top Note – Floral, Middle Note – Spicy Floral, Base Note – Floral Musky
Lilas – Enriched with the fresh & floral essence of the premium quality ingredients. Notes: Top Note – Citrus Spicy, Middle Note – Sweet Floral, Base Note – Woody
Usage- – While applying EDP give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together then target pulse points when spraying it. You should hold the bottle approximately 5 to 10cm away from your body or clothes as you spray it. Attar can be applied inside of each wrist and dab a little behind each earlobe with the inside of your wrists before it dries.

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